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 Carley  Geiss

Carley Geiss

Carley Geiss






Carley Geiss is a first year PhD student interested in the sociology of social services, culture, emotions, and narratives. She received her undergraduate degree in sociology and political science from Florida State University. She came to USF to complete her Master’s degree in sociology and continued into the PhD program. Her thesis project uses a narrative lens to explore a disjuncture explained by case manager participants: the images that widely circulate in American culture about adult-youth mentoring (of children served, volunteer mentors, and the overall mentoring experience) do not match the lived experiences of volunteers. As this disjuncture has also been found in previous work in another time and place, at a shelter for “battered women” (Loseke 1992), she wonders where else this disjuncture can be found. From a phenomenological, interpretive, constructionist perspective, her dissertation plans to examine the disjuncture of image versus lived realities in social services through social pattern analysis (Zerubavel 2007), which focuses on patterns found in social life, rather than uniqueness.

Advisor : Donileen Loseke