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 Douglas  Engelman

Douglas Engelman

Douglas Engelman






Curriculum Vitae


After a lengthy business career, in 2009 I returned to college, holding an associates degree in business. In 2012 I earned my BA in Sociology from North Central College, a small liberal arts college in a suburb of Chicago, IL. In 2014, I earned my MA in Sociology from Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL. During the 2014-2015 academic year, I taught as an adjunct at two local community colleges. In 2015, I entered the PhD Sociology program at USF.

My primary research area is Medical Sociology/Health and Illness. I chose this area because this literature informs my current work, which is broadly focused on families in which individuals between the ages of 16-27 have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness. In my research, I hope to better understand how mental illness identities are formed. In addition to studying mental illness identity formation among young people with a mental illness diagnosis, I also am interested in understanding how their families interact and contribute to the formation of that new identity.

As a parent of two children who had been diagnosed with a serious mental illness, and as a scholar, I find myself in a unique position. Combining these life experiences with my scholarly training, I am able to contribute my knowledge, my experiences, and my voice, to the academy, to policymakers, and the general public, with the overall objective of improving pubic response, and the life course trajectory of those diagnosed with mental illness.

With my free time (the little that we have as PhD students), I enjoy beach time with my wife, and I am an active triathlete.

Advisor : Sara Green