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Girsea Martinez




CPR 226


(813) 974-7614


Curriculum Vitae


My research interests are deeply informed by a life-long process of learning what it means to be the daughter of undocumented immigrants. Broadly, I am interested in the sociology of emotions, social movement work, and the experience of “illegality.” I hope to extend our current understanding of marginalized populations by focusing on how macro level meanings affect micro level interactions, specifically within the realm of emotions and feminist standpoint theory. Approached from a critical perspective, I aim to examine the experience of undocumented immigrants and their families within the matrix of domination (Hill-Collins, 2002) and hope to trace the way they learn to theorize out of pain (Anzaldua, 1999) in their transformation of silence into action (Lorde, 1978.) To this end, my ethnographic work acknowledges and integrates my positionality as a young immigrant woman of color in the stories I tell. My future research goals include an exploration of how families negotiate differing and shifting legal statuses, how social movement work changes the experience of “illegality,” and the claims-making strategies young immigrant activists engage in.

Advisor : Elizabeth Aranda