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 Rodrigo  Serrao Santana de Jesus

Rodrigo Serrao Santana de Jesus

Rodrigo Serrao Santana de Jesus






Curriculum Vitae


Rodrigo Serrao is a doctoral candidate whose research focuses on the intersection of Religion, Race & Ethnicity, and Immigration. His previous research was conducted among religious Brazilians in the city of Austin, TX. He investigated the role of two religious congregations to the incorporation of Brazilians and the effects of church attendance on immigrants’ decision about whether to stay or return to Brazil. His current research focuses on religious Brazilians [as well as non-Brazilians] in two Brazilian congregations in South Florida and attempts to investigate the social mechanisms involved in resolving potential tensions in terms of different racial ideologies (racial democracy vs. one-drop rule), and different long-term goals for the congregations (cultural preservation vs. becoming multi-ethnic). The congregations are led by pastors of different generations and target different audiences. Rodrigo has published in Brazil and in the United States.

Advisor : James Cavendish

Co-Advisor : Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman