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What can I do with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology?

Sociology offers a broad-based degree program that can be useful in a wide variety of employment contexts. It is important for you to be assertive about tailoring your college experience for either the job market or graduate school/law school/medical school. Regardless of your plans, please download the Career Clusters and Courses document to get a sense of the types of fields sociologists often enter. Fully exploit the resources USF provides: please consult the USF Career Center as soon as possible to craft a particular line of career development that suits your interests, aptitudes, and the job market. Further information on jobs and careers in sociology can be obtained at the website of the American Sociological Association.

Some of our graduates go on to graduate school in fields such as sociology, law, education, and public health. If this is your plan, sociology faculty members want to help you create a strong scholarly record that will allow you access to these opportunities. Math and writing courses are essential for many graduate programs, so please do not be afraid to take more of these than the university requires. Please consult with the Director of the Sociology Undergraduate Program and with your sociology professors early on, as you ready yourself for graduate training in the field of your choice.

How will the Sociology program help prepare me for a career or graduate school?

The Sociology department has created a series of career modules that are integrated into required courses for our undergraduate major: Introduction to Sociology, Research Methods, and Senior Seminar. The career modules are designed to provide students with resources as they prepare for successful employment after graduation. In Introduction to Sociology, the goal is to introduce students to a variety of careers that can be pursued with an undergraduate degree in Sociology and to introduce students to the relevancy of sociology to a variety of careers across academic disciplines. In Research Methods, the goal is to help students recognize how sociological research skills will be applicable to various employment prospects and to provide students with the skills that most organizations seek in their employees (reading data tables, constructing data tables, evaluating research, etc.). In Senior Seminar, the goal is to prepare for the future. This could include a professional career and/or graduate school. The development of resumes and cover letters for specific career postings as well as the development of graduate school applications will be the focus of the Senior Seminar career module.