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Core Courses

OASIS Course Schedule


Requirements for major:

- SYC 2000 Introduction to Sociology (3 hrs)

- SYA 3110 Classical Theory (3 hrs)

- SYA 3300 Research Methods* (3 hrs)

- SYA 4935 Senior Seminar (3 hrs)

- 24 hours of electives

* ISS STA 2122 Social Science Statistics (3 hrs) is a pre-requisite requirement for research methods.

Requirements for minor:

- SYG 2000 Introduction to Sociology

- SYA 3110 Classical Theory

- 12 hours of electives

SYG 2000 Introduction to Sociology - CASB SGES (3) AS SOC
This course introduces undergraduate students to the discipline of sociology. During the semester, we will analyze sociological theories, core concepts, and issues through readings, lectures, discussions, films, and hands on research assignments.

SYA 3300 Research Methods - (3) AS SOC
PR: STA 2122 or equivalent. Introduction to the scientific method and its application to social science research. Research design, sampling techniques, and critical evaluation of social research. Required for Sociology majors.

SYA 3110 Classical Theory - (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000. The analysis of the philosophical foundations, central principles, and historical development of Sociological theory. Required for Sociology majors and minors.

SYA 4935 Senior Seminar -CPST (3) AS SOC
PR: Senior standing, SYG 2000, SYA 3010, SYA 3300 plus 6 hours of Sociology electives. Majors only. The opportunity for senior Sociology majors to apply theory and methods to a selected topic of relevance in today's society. Topic changes by instructor.


SYA 3120 Contemporary Theory - (3) AS SOC
PR: SYA 3010 and SYG 2000. An examination of recent trends in sociological theory. Emphasis is on theories examining symbolic interactions, lived experience, popular culture, and social structures.

SYP 3004 Constructing Social Problems - (3) AS SOC
Examination of how activists, media, politicians, and scientists construct public images of social problems; analysis of the process of forming social policy and how public images of social problems shape the characteristics of social service agencies.

SYA 3310 Qualitative Inquiry -6AC (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000. Exploration of human relationships and behaviors, organizations, and the larger culture through research techniques such as interviews, participant observation, life histories, and narratives.

SYA 4122 Queer Threory (3) AS SOC
PR: Any one of the following: SYG 2000, SYG 2010; WST 2600; WST 3015, WST 2250; WST 3311. Examines queer theory's radical deconstruction of categories for understanding the possibility of theorizing "women's" and "men's" lives. The primary goal of this course is to introduce students to queer theory and feminist theories of sexuality.

SYA 4304 Sociological Research Experience (1-3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000 and class standing of sophomore, junior or senior. A flexible-unit course for advanced undergraduate students interested in participating in an ongoing faculty research project. Students will complete selected research tasks (background research, data collection and data analysis) with faculty supervision.

SYA 4910 Individual Research - (1-3) AS SOC
PR: Four courses in sociology, including SYA 3300. Content depends on the interest of the student. A contract between the student and the sponsoring faculty member must be signed before class registration.

SYA 4930 Topics in Sociology - (3) AS SOC
Selected specialized topics in Sociology. Topics such as AIDS in society, drugs in society, problems in education, sociology of childhood, public life, socio-biology. Content will vary by semester and by section. See class schedule for specific contents each semester. This course, in different content areas, may be repeated for credit.

SYA 4949 Sociological Internship - (1-6) AS SOC
Supervised placement in community organization or agency for a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer work per week, and a weekly seminar on applying sociological skills and methods in the placement setting.

SYD 3700 Racial and Ethnic Relations -CASB (3) AS SOC
This course introduces students to a sociological understanding of race and ethnic relations. Students will analyze sociological theories on race and stratification through readings, lectures, discussion, multimedia, and group research projects.

SYD 4238 Immigrants to America - (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000 or SYG 2010. Examines major sociological debates in the field of immigration with an emphasis on recent immigrants to the United States.

SYD 4410 Urban Sociology - (3) AS SOC
The social structure of the community in modern industrial societies. Analysis of community change.

SYD 4411 Urban Life - CPST (3) AS SOC
PR:SYG 2000. This exit course introduces students to the theory and practice of urban and community research. Students will conduct supervised individual and group research on a Tampa Bay neighborhood of their choice.

SYD 4512 Sustainable Consumption - (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000. This course examines the relationship between the current environmental crisis and the consumer lifestyle shared by most Americans that is spreading globally.

SYD 4800 Gender and Society - (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000 or SYG 2010. Historical and current issues surrounding gender in America. Emphasis on exploring the causes, meaning, and consequences of gender differences, interpersonal relationships, and institutional participation.

SYG 2010 Contemporary Social Problems -CASB (3) AS SOC
This course introduces students to a sociological understanding of “contemporary social problems.” Drawing on such concepts as culture, deviance and social institutions, we will analyze varying definitions, causes and solutions to these problems.

SYG 3011 Social Problems Through Film (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000 or SYG 2010. Examines, through films, how sociologists define and study social problems, and investigates the role of the popular media in the construction of social problems. Explores the solutions aimed at social problems in a comparative, international perspective.

SYG 3235 Latina/Latino Lives -WRIN 6AC (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000 or SYG 2010. An exploration of the experiences of Latinas and Latinos in the United States. Examines such sociological themes as oppression, migration, work, family, activism, spirituality, and sexuality through short stories, poetry, and scholarly research.

SYO 3120 Sociology of Families - (3) AS SOC
With a goal to understand American families in the present, this course will examine variations in family types by social class, race, ethnicity, and historical era. Exploration of current controversies about how families should be organized and about what they should do for their members as well as social policies related to families.

SYO 3200 Sociology of Religion - (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000 or CI. An examination of the meanings of religion lived in experiences in the contemporary United States. Includes the construction and maintenance of religious meanings and communities, the impact of those meanings and communities on daily lives, use and impact of religious discourse in daily lives, social movements motivated by religious beliefs.

SYO 3460 Sociology of the Media - (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000 or SYG 2010. Imparts a familiarity with and working knowledge of the main theories, research, and findings in the sociology of the media. Fosters critical thinking abilities by applying this sociological knowledge to the deconstruction of media images.

SYO 3530 Social Inequalities in a Global Society - (3) AS SOC
Introduction to the major concepts and theories used to explain inequality. The topics of race, gender, and sexual orientation will be treated in relation to class, rather than as a parallel dimension of stratification.

SYO 4204 Religion and Immigration - (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000. This course examines: 1) how immigrant communities have been, and are currently, influenced by religion; and 2) how immigrant communities have transformed, and are currently transforming, the religious landscape of the U.S.

SYO 4250 Sociology of Education - (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000 Application of sociological theory to the social institution of education. Primary attention directed toward the social organization of educational systems.

SYO 4300 Political Sociology - (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000 or CI. An examination of the social factors that affect government, politics, and political behavior.

SYO 4400 Medical Sociology - (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000 or CI. The study of disease and the sick person including the analysis of health practices, beliefs, and practitioners, the hospital as an organization, the cost, financing, and politics of health care.

SYO 4430 Disability and Society -WRIN 6AC (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000. Examination of the applicability of sociological concepts to the experience of disability, and of disability as a means to a better understanding of the nature of social experience.

SYO 4534 Poverty and Society - (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000 or SYG 2010. Explores poverty by looking at the United States and selected less developed countries around the world. Utilizing sociological theories of poverty, different aspects of poverty will be explored.

SYO 4536 Inequalities and Social Justice (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000 or SYG 2010. This course draws on the insights of the social sciences and the humanities to understand social inequalities in our global age and to formulate "socially just" responses to those inequalities.

SYO 4572 Hidden Structures of Social Life (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000 or SYG 2010. Communication networks and the social structures that emerge in them constitute the subject matter for this course: structures of internation in informal groups and formal organizations, social networks, and class and stratification structures.

SYO 4573 Social Networks (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000 and STA 2122 or equivalent. Examines how relationships among individuals organize larger social systems (such as social groups and communities) and how these patterned relationships impact actors within social systems.

SYP 3000 Social Psychology -CASB (3) AS SOC
Course explores social forces shaping individual perceptions/behaviors/personality/identity. Addresses our participation in society, how people influence each other, how we act based on beliefs and why & this is important.

SYP 3004 Constructing Social Problems (3) AS SOC
Examination of how activists, media, politicians, and scientists construct public images of social problems; analysis of the process of forming social policy and how public images of social problems shape the characteristics of social service agencies.

SYP 3060 Sociology of Sexualities - (3) AS SOC
Explores the interactions, among and between people, and people and institutions that form the boundaries through which sexualities are understood in the United States. Addresses interactions with and within medical and religious institutions, racial/ethnic cultures, families and popular culture.

SYP 3562 Family Violence - (3) AS SOC
An exploration of the complexity of the causes and consequences of physical and emotional violence among family members. Topics include the meanings and behaviors of violence, the process of help-seeking, and social interventions for offenders and victims. Open to nonmajors.

SYP 4012 Emotions in Society (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000 or SYG 2010. Examines the theories, concepts, and larger social contexts of emotions, and investigates sociological research on feelings such as anger and fear; pride and shame; love, friendship and sympathy; sadness and depression; grief and loss.

SYP 4111 Identity and Community (3) AS SOC
This course is a sociological examination of the meanings of identity in the post-modern era. Topics will include the characteristics of identity at the levels of individuals, institutions, culture, and the processes of identity construction and change.

SYP 4420 Consumer Culture -WRIN 6AC (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000. The exploration of how Americans’ purchasing behavior connects to larger historical shifts in our economy, including disenchantment, alienation, inequality, and the rise of the credit card society.

SYP 4510 Sociological Aspects of Deviance - (3) AS SOC
The examination of the social construction of deviance: how deviance is defined, implications of deviance designations. Applications of theories of deviance to questions such as motivations of deviants and implications of criminal justice processing of deviants.

SYP 4513 Elite Deviance (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000 or SYG 2010. The course challenges traditional definitions of deviance by examining social harms caused by the very wealthy, corporations, and large organizations such as the federal government.

SYP 4530 Sociology of Juvenile Delinquency - (3) AS SOC
Sociological issues in defining delinquency; the nature of adolescence and delinquency; sociological theories of the causes of delinquency; types and consequences of social control applied to delinquents.

SYP 4550 Drugs and Society (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000 or SYG 2010. Explores the social construction of substance use in the United States. Examines individual users and the popular perspectives on the causes of substance use and abuse such as the medical, psychoanalytic, and sociological models.

SYP 4650 Sport in Society (3) AS SOC
An examination of the broad issues concerning sport in both a historical and contemporary perspective. Sport will be viewed in relation to social institutions, economic considerations, mass media, and the sport group as a micro-social system.

SYP 4651 Gender, Sport, and the Body (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000 or SYG 2010. Explores ways sport in U.S. culture is organized by and used to recreate gender in social interaction. Examines the recent history of women in sport and questions the relationship between masculinity, sport participation and women's and men's embodiment.

SYP 4675 Animals & Society (3) AS SOC
PR: SYG 2000. Explores the complex role of non-human animals in human society by exploring how we, as humans, socially construct animals.

SYP 4763 Sociology of Childhood and Youth (3) AS SOC
Examines a variety of issues including: child-rearing; invention of adolescence; child abuse; children's schooling; juvenile delinquency; dating; children in the movies; children as consumers; youth culture and rebellion; transition into adulthood.