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Internships and Service Learning Opportunities

The Sociology Department offers upper-level elective credit (1-3 credit hours) for service learning internships in which students apply what they have learned in a regularly scheduled class through volunteer work in the community. These are not traditional internships that require formal contracts between the university and a particular sponsoring organization. In our program, students locate community organizations that need volunteers and in which they would like to work. Our goal is to help students match community needs with their own individual academic interests. We seek to prepare students for life-long involvement in community service, while also helping them gain skills and community contacts that enhance success in the job market.

Process for Establishing a Service Learning Internship

Step 1: Write a 1-page essay addressing the following items:

• What sociology course have you taken or are you now taking that you would like to link this Service Learning Internship experience to?
• What places are options for you to do your Service Learning Internship at? (Go on-line and do some research on different community organization you may want to have you Service Learning Internship experience located in). Provide contact information for key people in that organization. Example: I would like my Service Learning Internship experience to be linked to my Disability and Society class. Options for places I would like to be located in include: All-Children’s Hospital, John Knox Village. Contact information is: xxxxxxxxx

Step 2: Review the list of Potential Community and Advocacy Organizations for your Service Learning Internship placement.

Step 3:View the Informational Interview presentation.

Step 4:Make an appointment with Dr. Maralee Mayberry (Undergraduate Program Director) by emailing her at: Bring a copy of your 1-page essay with you to the meeting.