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Welcome to Sociology at USF!!

Important Contacts

Sociology Department
CPR 209
(813) 974-2893

Departmental Academic Advisor
Shani Garza
CPR 358G
(813) 974-8508

Brandon Kroll
CPR 235
(813) 974-6983

To make an Advising Appointment

Undergraduate Program Director
Maralee Mayberry
CPR 229

The Department of Sociology at the University of South Florida is a rapidly growing and exciting context for learning. The undergraduate program offers areas of concentration in Inequality & Social Justice and in Identity & Community. Opportunities for internships, service learning, and study abroad are expanding so that more and more students can take advantage of these alternative modes of learning. Please download the document below entitled "Sociology Undergraduate Handbook," for more information.

Program Requirements

As sociology major, you are expected to take SYG2000 Introduction to Sociology in your first year of study if possible. This course is a prerequisite for virtually every other sociology course that you will take. Once that course is completed, please try to take STA2122 Social Science Statistics as soon as possible. Then you will be ready to take SYA3300 Research Methods. The course SYA 3110 Classical Theory should also be taken in your first two years, if possible. Most transfer students have already completed SYG2000 Introduction to Sociology and STA2122 Social Science Statistics prior to their arrival at USF. They are ready for required courses SYA3110 Classical Theory and SYA3300 Research Methods soon after transferring to USF.

There is a wide range of elective courses in sociology offered each semester, and a few are even offered in the summer term. These will allow you to explore your interests and develop an understanding of sociology that will serve you in whatever field you might enter. In your senior year, you will be taking our capstone course, SYA4935 Senior Seminar, which allows you to apply what you have learned over the course of your studies.

TIPS for Incoming Freshmen

  • Make contact with your advisor and professors. They are interested in your academic development, and welcome your visits during their posted office hours. Please contact our academic advisor, Dr. Christie Rinck or Brandon Kroll, for specific questions about our undergraduate program. You can also make an appointment with the advisor by clicking
  • Have transcripts from ALL institutions (high school, dual enrollment) and organizations (IB, CLEP, AP) sent to USF for review.
  • This degree has a foreign language exit requirement. In addition to the foreign language entrance requirement all students applying for a Bachelor of Arts degree from USF, graduating students must demonstrate competency in a foreign language. To demonstrate this competency, students may take either two semesters of a beginning college-level foreign language or one semester of a higher-level course and earn a letter grade of "C" (no "S" grades) or above or demonstrate equivalent competency by passing an examination. If you have experience with a foreign language, including ASL, you will be required to take a placement exam at USF to determine your level and to see if you can test out of the courses. You are STRONGLY encouraged to complete this placement exam prior to or during orientation.
  • All new First Time in College (FTIC) will have an Academic Advising (AA) hold placed on their account for the first year which prevents them from registering until they see an advisor. Once you have decided USF is the right place for you, make an appointment as soon as possible after orientation to see your advisor.
  • Visit the College of Arts & Sciences information page for First-Year Students.

Awards and Scholarships

Wallace Scholarship

The Department offers $6,000 in scholarships each year, usually divided into four scholarships of $1,500 each. Applications are generally accepted in January-early February each year. Please look for e-mails and announcements via Canvas (or Blackboard) announcing any upcoming application deadlines.

Outstanding Senior

The Department accepts applications for the $500 Outstanding Senior Award each fall, with a deadline generally falling in November. Please look for e-mails and announcements via Canvas (or Blackboard) announcing any upcoming application deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

  What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of social life. Sociologists investigate the structure of groups, organizations, and societies. Because all human behavior is social, our subject matter ranges from intimate families to hostile mobs; from crime to religion; from the divisions of race, gender, and social class to the shared beliefs of a common culture; from the sociology of work to the sociology of emotions.

  What can I do with a degree in Sociology?

Employment opportunities for students with Bachelor's degrees in Sociology are quite varied. Some go on to work for human service agencies; others work in personnel, criminal justice, and urban planning; others enter graduate programs in sociology, education, law medicine, or social work.

  How do I declare my major as Sociology?

To declare a major or change your major, go to:

  How can I register for a closed Sociology course or a course requiring a permit?

Students needing permits to register for "Majors only" classes should talk with the instructor of the desired class. A permit for the class is given by the instructor only and at the instructor’s discretion. Instructors will provide a permit form where you write your name, U#, course number, course section, and reference number; the instructor must sign this form Deliver this form to CPR 209 where a staff member will put the electronic permit into the computer so that the student can register for the class later in the day.

  Which Sociology courses also fulfill FKLs or Exit Requirements?

Please see the USF Course Inventory

  Is there a minor in Sociology?

Yes. The minor consists of a minimum of 18 credit hours in Sociology, at least 12 of which must be USF credits.

  Are there internships available and are they required for the major?

Yes, internships are available, but not required for the major. At the present time, the Sociology Internship is offered only if the student is concurrently enrolled in "Disability and Society" (SYO 4430) or "Sustainable Consumption" (SYA 4930) and only with permission of the instructor of that course.

  How often should I see my advisor?

There are no set patterns regarding Academic Advising. While all of the necessary information is presented in the Sociology Handbook, the Undergraduate Catalog, and the Schedule of Classes, we recommend that students visit at least once a year.

  How can I make an appointment with the Sociology advisor?
  I have a hold on my registration. What does this mean and how do I get it removed?
  How do I do become a cross-enrollment or transient student. What is the difference?

Cross-enrollment means that you are simultaneously enrolled in at least 6 hours at USF and any number of hours at another institution. Transient study means you are attending another institution besides USF for an entire semester (you are not enrolled in any courses at USF while at the other institution). The forms for cross-enrollment and transient study are on the Financial Aid website,

  Is there an Honors Program in Sociology?

The USF Department of Sociology offers two potential ways of obtaining honor’s status: 1) Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD), and 2) the Sociology Honors Program. The first option costs $50.00 for a lifetime membership, offers a one-year subscription to the AKD journal Sociological Inquiry, allows you to purchase an honor’s cord from the Undergraduate Program Director, does not require a thesis, and does not appear on your transcript or diploma. The second option provides outstanding students with opportunities to work closely with faculty members on shared research interests. This option has no fee, requires a one-semester independent study with a faculty member in which you prepare your honor’s thesis, enables you to purchase an honor’s sash for graduation when you order your cap and gown, and does appear on your transcript and diploma. Students may receive both types of honors simultaneously. Applications are available in the Sociology office, 209 Cooper Hall.

  Can another statistics course substitute for STA 2122 Social Science Statistics?

Yes, an equivalent Statistics course may be used.

  How can I get involved within the Sociology Department?

Sociology students at USF have a club. Check it out in Facebook: Sociology Club @ USF

  Do I need foreign Language for Sociology if I took two years of the same language in high school?

In addition to the foreign language entrance requirement all students applying for a Bachelor of Arts degree from USF must demonstrate competency in a foreign language. To demonstrate this competency, students may take either two semesters of a beginning college-level foreign language or one semester of a higher-level course and earn a letter grade of “C” (no “S” grades) or above in the appropriate level course or demonstrate equivalent competency by passing an examination.

  Are there opportunities to conduct research with Sociology faculty?

Under the supervision of a faculty mentor, students accepted in the Sociology Honors Program conduct sociological research in their area of interest culminating in the preparation of an Honors Thesis.

  What is the lowest acceptable grade for Sociology courses?

Only courses in which a grade of "C-" or better is earned will count toward the minimum hours although lower grades are included in calculating the major GPA.

  Are there courses that are offered seasonally and required for the major?

The required core courses for Sociology are offered in the fall and spring terms.

  May I register for Sociology courses even if I haven’t declared Sociology as a major?

Yes, but if Sociology is your intended major, please make sure you officially declare it as your major.

  Where do I go for Cross Enrollment, Overload, Transient and Letter of Completion Requests?

Students go to BEH 201 to pick up these forms. Or they can go to the College of Arts and Sciences website and look in the student forms section.

  How many credit hours may I transfer into the Sociology program from another institution?

No more than nine credits from another institution may be accepted as part of the Sociology major requirements.

  What do I do if I have a grievance?